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David Beckham’s new sports project, he likes what he sees!

David Beckham is known for being a world-famous soccer player, but now he’s trying his hand at a new sport: basketball. The former Manchester United star was recently spotted at a basketball game, where he was photographed looking at a cheerleader.

David Beckham teams up with Adidas for new line of sportswear

David Beckham teams up with Adidas for a new line of sportswear. The collection will include both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as children’s clothing.

This is not the first time that Beckham has worked with the sports apparel giant, as he previously collaborated with them on a line of soccer cleats. This new collection, however, is said to be his most ambitious project yet.

The range will reportedly feature everything from workout gear to casualwear, all of which have been designed with the modern athlete in mind.

David Beckham’s style transformation over the years

Since he first stepped onto the soccer field as a fresh-faced young man, David Beckham’s style has undergone a major transformation. What was once a clean-cut, conservative look has now morphed into something much more edgy and fashion-forward. And we have to say, we’re loving it!

Gone are the days of button-down shirts and slacks. These days, Beckham is all about taking risks with his style. He’s been seen sporting everything from skinny jeans to leather jackets to bright red lipstick. He’s not afraid to experiment with new trends and looks, and we admire him for that.

It’s clear that Beckham is comfortable in his own skin and knows how to dress to suit his unique sense of style. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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